Thursday, October 12, 2017

Event: HillTop Conference 2017 International Public Health and Marginalized Communities

HillTop Conference 2017
ELEVATE: International Public Health and Marginalized Communities 

ABOUT HILLTOP: The HillTop Conference serves as an educational opportunity for undergraduate students at over 15 universities across the U.S. East Coast to learn from individuals and organizations that are spearheading movements for health equity. This year, Columbia HillTop will bring together academics, health professionals, and activists who specialize in community-based health projects for three days of lectures, group discussions, and breakout sessions. The conference will focus on vulnerable and marginalized populations that have been historically excluded from global and public health movements.

REGISTRATION: The cost of registration is either $15 (conference only) or $30 (conference + four meals). All proceeds from the conference will be used to support Columbia GlobeMed's partner organization, Gulu Women’s Economic Empowerment and Globalization, a humanitarian organization in Northern Uganda. We strive to make this conference as accessible as possible, so we encourage prospective delegates unable to cover the cost of registration to reach out to us at

Visit the HillTop website to register for the event. Registration must be completed no later than Sunday, October 22, 2017 at 11:59PM EST to attend. We will send further information regarding the event schedule and logistics to attendees once registration has closed. Additionally, check back on our website for updates!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Opportunity: January 2018 CO Pre-Med Program | University of Colorado

      Pre-Med / Pre-Health Emergency & Wilderness Medicine Course January 2-13, 2018
Want to get outside of the generic pre-med track? Interested in emergency medicine, humanitarian relief work, wilderness medicine, or global health? Come explore the great outdoors and learn from physicians who work around the world. Build your resume, network, and your travelogue. Academic course credit is now available! The early bird discount ends at the end of this month
Join the University of Colorado School of Medicine from January 2-13, 2018 for our course offering undergraduate college students (and recent grads) a hands-on look into the fields of emergency and wilderness medicine.Including ambulance ride-alongs, Emergency Department shadowing, snowshoeing, optional night out in snow cave, suturing, ultrasound, and cardiac dissection labs.
Deadline to turn in your SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION and to recieve the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT is October 31stRegister now as the class is filling up quickly! 
For more information click here or contact Breanna McKercher at Breanna.McKercher@ucdenver.eduClick here to go to our Facebook page to watch videos about what you will be doing and hear what prior students have to say. 
Register Here

Internship Opportunity: Co- Coordinator for Visiting Professor Program (must be fluent in French or Haitian Creole)

Visiting  Professor  Program  Co­‐Coordinator  –  Position  Description  
EqualHealth  (EQ)  is  a  non-­‐governmental  organization that   supports the  development  of  leaders  among  the next  generation   of  Haitian  health  professionals.  One  of  EQ’s  initiatives  is  the   Visiting  Professor  (VP)  Program,  which  brings  physician-­‐educators   to  Haiti  to  teach  brief  (1-­‐3  week)  standalone  and  recurring   courses  that  address  curriculum  needs  identified  by  our  partner   sites  in  Haiti.  This  program  is  a  cornerstone  of  EQ’s  continued   medical  education  programming  in  Haiti.  
EQ  is  looking for  an  individual to  serve  as  a  co-­‐coordinator  for  the   VP  Program.  The  VP  Program  Co-­‐  Coordinator  will  be  responsible   for  maintaining  and  expanding  a  database  of  potential  professors,   streamlining  and  enhancing  VP  program  processes,   communicating  with  our  Haitian  partners  around  VP  course   planning,  leading  orientation  for  each  VP  traveling  to  Haiti,  and   managing  each  VP’s  travel  logistics.  In  addition,  the  VP  Program  
Co-­‐Coordinator  will  work  closely  with  the  Monitoring  and   Evaluation  Team  to  facilitate  the  creation  of  reports  and  research   presentations.  
The  ideal  applicant  will  be  motivated  and  assertive;  comfortable   in  multicultural  and  multilingual  settings;  organized;  have   excellent,  timely  and  nuanced  communication  skills;  and  be  able   to  work  independently.  Daily  access  to  electronic  communication   is  a  must.  The  applicant  must  be  fluent  in  oral  and  written  English   and  either  French  or  Haitian  Creole.  
Marisa  Nádas,  MD,  MPH,  Chair  of  EQ  Implementation   Committee  Erica  Felker-­‐Kantor,  MA,  MSPH,  Chair  of  EQ   Monitoring  and  Evaluation  Committee  
Internship  Logistics  
The  internship  will  begin  in  October  2017  and  will  last  for  a  period   of  one  year,  with  an  opportunity  to  renew  the  role.  Time   commitment  will  be  approximately  8  to  10  hours  a  week,  varying   based  on  current  VP  courses,  and  most  work  will  be  done   independently,  with  at  least  monthly  team  meetings.  This  is  not  a   paid  internship.  
EQ  is  committed  to  helping  individuals  attain  their  academic   goals,  and  to  that  end  we  are  willing  to  work  with  those  currently   enrolled  in  college  or  graduate  programs  to  meet  requirements   for  practicum  or  other  commitments  in  terms  of  supervision,   documentation  and  time  requirements.  

How  to  Apply  

Please  send  (1)  a  copy  of  your  CV  and  (2)  a  cover  letter  to  Marisa   Nádas  at  with  the  subject  line  “Your   Name:  VP  Program  Co-­‐Coordinator.”  In  your  CV,  please  address  all   language  skills  and  level  of  fluency  (oral,  reading,  and  writing).  In   your  cover  letter,  please  address  your  interest  in  our  organization,   as  well  as  your  ability  to  meet  our  time  commitment.  

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Opportunity: A new bridge/gap year program: Northwestern University's Masters in Quantitative and Systems Biology

There is tremendous and increasing demand for quantitative and computational skills to tackle “Big Data” 
and to employ systems approaches in medicine. Northwestern University's Department of Molecular Biosciences 
invites your students to apply for a Masters in Quantitative and Systems Biology (QSB), a bridge/gap year opportunity for
advanced training at the cutting edge of biomedical research and the future of personalized medicine
QSB program highlights:
- 1 year Masters program
- Training in “Big Data” skills: R, Matlab, Python
- Practical experience in cutting edge techniques: 
     Next generation sequencing (NGS), proteomics, high throughput analysis
- 3 quarters of lab research
- Flexible schedule to accommodate medical school interviews and start dates
- Not an academic-enhancement post-bacc program
- Fall 2018 applications: Rolling admissions begin Feb. 1, 2018
Click on this link for a printable flyer to post or to distribute to your students and advising staff

Event: Virtual Open House Hofstra School of Medicine

Friday, October 6, 2017

Announcement: Making the most out of your AdviseStream Account

After many emails encouraging you to create an AdviseSteam account, you finally did it! Now, what's next? We consider AdviseStream as a student's online planner that helps them best organize their pre-health application process.

Here are three steps to ensure your preparation for the application process.
Please note that they do not have to be completed in one night! Take your time filling out this information and allow yourself to respond thoughtfully, especially for step 2.

1) Complete your profile

When you first log into AdviseStream, you will see five headers on the home page: "your name," "connect," "prepare," "apply," and "prehealth." The first thing you should do is update your profile as completely as you can by clicking underneath the "your name" header on the home page. Please be sure to upload a photo! Some important information to fill out include: 

Health Profession Aspirations. You can choose from MD, MD+MBA, PA, and much more

Background. This includes information on your family, residence, high school, and military service

Qualifications. This includes general skills like computer programming, language skills, memberships, certifications, and interests

2) Fill in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities 

Once you have completed your profile, it is now time to brag about all the extra-curriculars you are a part of! AdviseStream provides a great user-friendly platform to visualize the start and end periods of an experience and allows you to write reflections on them (which is critical come application time).

To get started, click on "Academic and Engagements" under the "prepare" header on the home page. This will lead you to a planner where you can add in your extra-curricular activities by date and by category. The nine categories include: research, knowledge of medicine, service to others, leadership experience, diversity experience, life experience, employment/work study, test preparation, and awards. 

One really useful feature of AdviseStream is its compilation of your experiences into portfolios and resumes. Not only will this be very useful in helping the committee who will be writing your official Barnard Committee Letter for medical school, but you can also take advantage of it by downloading professionally formatted copies of your resume.

Note: Under "Academic and Engagements," you do not have to fill in courses.

3) Plan your list of letter of recommendation (LOR) writers 

The Office of Health Professions Advising suggests that you obtain 3-5 LORs. AdviseStream can help you stay organized and keep track of your evaluators and LOR. To get started:
  1.  Under the "prehealth" divider on the home page, click on "Letters of Evaluation."
  2.  On the left, click on the gray box that says "Get Started-- Add Evaluator," and click on the green box that says "Add evaluator."
  3. Once you add your evaluator and are certain that you want him/her to write your LOR, agree to the FERPA waiver. Once you have signed this waiver, you can request a LOR.

Updating your AdviseSteam account with this information makes it a lot easier for you to compile your background and experiences for the medical school application, and also provides the Health Professions Advisory Committee with a complete picture of you as an applicant. If you have any questions, please email For AdviseSteam technical support, please use the grey support tab on the right corner of any page to submit a support ticket.

Event: Learn about CU Masters in Public Health

Dear Students interested in Public Health,

The Environmental Science Department is pleased to host an informational Luncheon with Professor Joseph Graziano, Environmental Health Sciences and Pharmacology, on Friday, October 13 in 404 Altschul Hall.  Come learn about Columbia's Masters in Public Health. 

The School of Public Health has had terrific experience with Barnard students who've entered their program.  You could be one of them!  If you have a class, come when you can to join the conversation.
Please be sure to RSVP by Tuesday, October 10 so we can order enough Roti Rolls (vegetarian and vegan options available).

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Event: Health Professions Week Nov 6

Explore. Learn. Pursue.

Health Professions Week (HPW) is an exciting week-long event for high school and college students interested in learning more about careers in the health professions.

This is a FREE online event for high school students, counselors, undergrads and advisors. Each event during Health Professions Week provides students with opportunities to explore health-related education programs and careers. Last year, more than 4,000 students participated in one or more of the many events during the week — this year we hope you will join us!

Join us November 6-10, 2017 for

  • A virtual fair
  • An online treasure hunt
  • On-campus and community events
  • Opportunities to learn about 20 health professions
  • Chances to talk directly with current health care practitioners; and
  • Information about educational requirements for each career

Helpful links

Stay connected

Event: Career in Bioethics Alumni Panel Oct 12th

Join us on campus for a unique opportunity to hear from Bioethics program alums.
Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser.




COLUMBIA SPS - Bioethics

Careers in Bioethics 
Columbia Bioethics Alumni Panel

 6:30 PM EST

The Bioethics program at Columbia University’s School of Professional Studies is delighted to invite you to an alumni panel event, showcasing the achievements and accomplishments of some of our graduates. Please join us as our alumni share their insights on careers in Bioethics as well as the diverse array of options available to students of Bioethics.


If you are unable to join us on campus,
please tune into this event via live stream here.

If you have any questions about the program or the application process, please contact the Office of Enrollment Management at

Announcement: Dean Cohen walk-ins canceled

Dear Students,

Due to a family emergency, Dean Cohen will not be in office today. Her Walk-Ins are canceled today.

We apologize for the inconvenience.