Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Barnard Pre-Medical Mentoring Program

Barnard Pre-Medical Mentoring Program:
Incoming First Years interested in pursuing a Pre-Med track or learning more about it
Ask questions and get advice via our online system over the summer and then be matched up with a pre-med upperclassman in the fall!
Summer: participate in our online Q&A/discussion group with upperclassmen with great advice on how to navigate your first year- especially planning your schedule!
Fall-Spring: get matched up with upperclassmen to interact face to face and get great advice from someone who has been in your shoes recently!
We know it can be challenging at first to navigate class scheduling, extracurriculars, and all of the pre-med requirements-- We are HERE TO HELP!
HOW: Visit
Barnard Pre-Medical Mentoring Program Online Forum
  • Read through the guidelines at the top of the site listed above
  • Navigate the above site with outline panel on the left-hand side.
  • First Years: Ask questions in RED FONT and an Upperclassman Mentor (BLUE FONT) will answer them!
  • **There may be special guest appearances by deans of the college, including Dean Melinda Cohen one night a week- STAY TUNED!**


Barnard’s Network of Premedical Students is a club on Barnard’s campus that aims to create and foster an inclusive, friendly community for Pre-Medical students! During the school year, our club holds guest speaker info sessions, student/ administration panels, study breaks, Dinner with Doctors, and much more!

If you have any questions, or are interested in joining the Network of Premedical Students, please email barnardcollegemaps@gmail.com or visit our website: https://barnardnpms.org/about/

Fall 2016 Pre-Health Overview Sessions!

Are you considering a career in the health profession? 
Do you have questions about being a pre-health student at Barnard and want to learn more? 
Are you interested in learning about the resources and advising support our office provides? 

Whether you are a first year or a senior, it's never too late to start exploring the health professions.

We invite you to come to a Pre-Health Overview Session to learn about what it means to be a pre-health student at Barnard College. These small group sessions will serve to provide you with an overview of:

  • Academic Preparation 
  • Gaining Experience
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Committee Letter of Evaluation
  • Resources and more!

Sessions will be held in the Dean of Studies Office, Conference Room, 105 Milbank Hall
This semester, they are typically held twice a month (the second Tuesday and fourth Friday)
Sessions are one hour in length and start time will vary depending on the day.

These sessions are intended to serve as your "first" pre-health advising appointment. We ask that you attend an overview session prior to scheduling an individual advising appointment with Dean Cohen, Associate Dean for Pre-Health Professions Advising.

To sign up, please click here

We look forward to supporting you on your path to pursuing a career in the health professions! :)

Monday, August 22, 2016

Research Associate Internship Opportunity!

Research Associate Internship

The Research Associate (RA) Internship is an innovative volunteer program for enthusiastic and inspired college and post-baccalaureate students. Created by the Ronald O. Perelman Department of Emergency Medicine, the internship grants students an opportunity to experience and observe multiple aspects of clinical research. The program consists of clinical research shifts based in the Emergency Department. The program offers the committed student a unique experience to furnish a wealth of knowledge about the numerous options for a career in healthcare. This school-year long or summer intensive unpaid research internship will expose participants to a diverse spectrum of clinical research investigations occurring in the Emergency Departments of Bellevue Hospital Center, NYU Langone Medical Center, and NYU Lutheran.

RA interns will develop basic research skills and become an integral part of research projects and grants occurring through the Ronald O. Perelman. They will be taught how to collect and enter quality data, maintain databases, analyze data, participate in laboratory meetings, gain Principle Investigator mentorship and/or shadowing experiences. RA interns will also become oriented to the Institutional Review Board and other Human Subjects courses.

Successful in-state RA interns who commit to at least a school-year or will be eligible to become Chief RAs. Chief RAs are expected to commit to 12 hours/week and assist in training and orienting new RA interns, work closely with PIs to fulfill and help meet the respective project's deliverables. RA chiefs will also have the opportunity to continue clinical volunteering within the ED.

This experience permits RA interns to be exposed to new and innovative research and develop a comprehensive understanding of clinical research.



The RA Internship is a very demanding program and requires a great deal of commitment on the part of the student. We accept applications year-round, but only accept students into the program to begin in the fall and summer sessions. RA interns can expect to work at least two, four-hour shifts and one, two-hour shift per week for a 10 hour/week minimum commitment during the length of the school year (both Fall and Spring semesters). RA interns are also expected to attend study meetings when new research studies are starting in the ED.

RA Summer Interns are required to commit a minimum of 16 hours/week for 12 weeks.
Shifts take place each day of the week, including weekends, in four-hour time blocks. The first shift is 8am-12pm, and the last is 8pm-12am.

Application Process

The application for those interested in starting Fall 2016 is now open, and will close on September 15, 2016. Letters must be emailed or postmarked by September 15, 2016

*Summer 2017 Research Associate Internship Application will open in January 2017*

Fall 2016 Application - Please discuss in 200-350 words why you are interested in joining the Research Associate Internship program. What can you contribute to this program and what do you hope to gain?

We are actively recruiting SPANISH and NON-SPANISH speaking Research Associates. For SPANISH-speaking applicants, please indicate your level of proficiency in your application. 

Please access the Research Associate Internship Application at this web address: https://www.med.nyu.edu/emergency/research/research-internship

We invite applications from mature, committed, and motivated students who fully accept the demands of the RA Internship and have a willingness to participate enthusiastically in all aspects of the program. We encourage applications not only from students with a strong interest in healthcare (aspiring doctors, nurses, nurse-practitioners, physician assistants, clinical psychologists/psychiatrists, and clinical social workers), but also from students who are uncertain about pursuing a career in healthcare. You do not need to be currently enrolled in school to be eligible, however one year of college must be completed. Though research experience is preferred, it is not necessary.
Two letters of recommendation are required in order for your application to be reviewed. Letters of Recommendation must be written by a non-relative, and cannot be faxed. The letters must include a completed Letter of Recommendation cover sheet and physical signature. Letters should be e-mailed either to Michelle Shum at EMResearchAssociates@nyumc.org or sent in signed-and-sealed envelopes, and mailed to:

Michelle Shum
Ronald O. Perelman Department of Emergency Medicine
462 First Avenue, Suite A345
New York, NY 10016

For questions or concerns, you may contact Michelle Shum at EMResearchAssociates@nyumc.org