Thursday, February 18, 2016

Glide Year Job Opportunity: Perelman Emergency Department Medical Staff Facilitator

NYU Langone Medical Center’s Perelman Emergency Department (ED) is looking for two
exceptional individuals who can flourish in the busy environment of a Manhattan Emergency
Department. Working in close relationship with ED physicians, nurses, residents, and physician
assistants in the Emergency Department you will provide enhanced communication between the
Emergency Department Medical Staff, ED patients, and referring physicians. This is a one - y ear
full-time position and an ideal opportunity for gap-year students seeking to enter medical school.
Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

 Provide outgoing communication from the ED to the medical staff physician about the status of
their patients who have visited the ED
 Collect process improvement project information from patients and staff
 Work on projects/publications aimed at improving ED patient care
 Contact patients after their ED stay and assess and/or assist with the continuity of their
medical care
 Assist providers with discharge planning
 Set up follow-up appointments for patients being discharged from the ED
 Work with the ED attending, resident, and nursing staff to develop enhanced modes of
communications with patients and the private medical staff
 Assist with projects and other duties as assigned by the NYU Langone Emergency Department
Leadership team

Required skills: Additional Information:
- Outstanding communication skills - 1 year position
- Flexibility and adaptability - 40 hours/week (full-time)
- Proactivity and self-starter mentality - Bachelor’s degree by May 2016
- Ability to multi-task - ideal for gap-year students seeking
- Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel admission to medical school
- Problem solving skills
- Positive attitude

This is an opportunity for someone interested in medicine to experience real world emergency
medicine and work closely with ED staff and patients in a learning environment.

Anticipated start date in late May or early June 2016.
Please email CV/resumé and a letter of interest to: