Thursday, April 21, 2016

Waitlisted for Biology or Chemistry Lab?

                   Don't Panic!

All students who attempt to add lab sections for General Chemistry (CHEM BC2001) and Introduction to Organismal and Evolutionary Biology (BIOL BC1500) will initially be waitlisted. The departments are managing these waiting lists in order to give priority to Barnard students who need or want these courses.

For General Chemistry:
1.  Be sure you are requesting lab & recitation on the same day -- if you're not, you won't be added.
2.  An actual person is manually moving students from the waiting lists to the class lists, so it may take up to a day to process -- your patience is appreciated!
3.  If you don't get in during advance program filing, sections will be reopened in the fall, and the department will make every effort to accommodate all students.

For Bio 1500:
All students who sign up for these courses will be placed on a waiting list, and they will be moved from the waiting list to the class according to a set of predetermined criteria.  Priority will be determined as follows:
  1. Students who started the series in the spring and who want to complete the series next fall 
  2. Barnard students who have taken a year of Chemistry as first-years and want to get started on Bio as sophomores 
  3. Entering Barnard first years who want to take 1500 during their first year 
  4. Anyone else
Note: Students will be moved from the Bio 1500 lab waiting list to the class after the last day of program planning (you will receive an email notifying you of your waiting list status at that point).  Therefore, you will have to click the "ADD" buttons for these courses when the system for adding courses opens up again in June. Please do not forget to take this final step.