Monday, March 14, 2016

Complementary and Integrative Medicine Masters program at Georgetown University

Application Deadline May 15, 2016
11 Month-Master of Science Degree in Physiology & Biophysics, 
Complementary & Integrative Medicine, offers Career Choices!
Does your family have "remedies" to treat the common cold, or other ailments and have you ever wondered why chewing on ginger is said to relieve cold symptoms?

This program explores the scientific basis of these health claims and trains you to critically analyze and assess the data.
As a future healthcare provider and researcher, you will know more about Integrative Medicine than your peers.....Be the expert resident on this field
Our 11-month M.S. program offers:
  • An excellent science-based curriculum that may be completed in eleven months. Ideal for students who are considering a career in medicine, other health professions or research.
  • A unique graduate/gap year program critically evaluating the scientific evidence for both western medicine and complementary and integrative medicine.
  • An examination of the similarities and differences of Eastern and Western medicine with an open but critical, and evidence-based mind.
  • Strong individual academic advising, career development workshops, mentoring and support for the medical school application process, admission to PhD programs and job applications.
  • Exploration of different health professions; opportunities for research and publication.
  • Class size limited to 30 students with a small student-faculty ratio.
  • Summer practicum placement at top academic, government, and private organizations in the Nation and overseas.
  • Develop an instant social and professional network with integrative medicine providers and leaders in the field.

Telephone: (202) 687-7979
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